Grurrr is gruff, wild and smelly. He aspires to be the an apex predator and acts like one. This was the initial concept idea we had from him and so we could make some choices for his appearance.

As he fights many wild beast, Grurrr is very bulky and physically strong, unlike the other wizards. To create a more interesting and funny character, we diverted from the “hippie druid” path: Grurrr says he loves nature, but he doesn’t seem to treat it very well. We tried to represent this feature on his clothing, like using a pair of dead squirrels for slippers.

Grurrr also keeps a live voracious badger stuck on his head as a feat of resistance and strength. We thought it would be a funny twist of the animal fur cloak used by the typical wild and brute character. Stay tuned for the next week spotlight!

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