As a wizard battle game, we couldn’t let a Witch out of the party! The main idea for this character was to create a witty, cunning and empowered goth spellcaster, and with that in mind, we’ve made Evilra!

We wanted to give her an impression of a moving shadow/darkness in the general look, so we picked black as her main color, using it on her dress and hair. As the draw lines are also black, we choose to paint grey the black intersections, so it would be easier to understand the dark masses around the character.

To contrast with all the darkness, we picked a pale skin tone and a red lipstick to giver her face a focus point. We also choose to dress her with a purple corset. Aside from style, it also helps to break the character into more understandable pieces to avoid a boring totally black figure. The cut on the lower part of her dress also serves from the same purpose. Stay tuned for the next week spotlight!

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