Xarg just wanted to be a singer, but his detractors said he had no talent for that… he then studied the dark necromantic arts for years and came back to change their mind. And that’s how he got his first fans.

We knew that adding a necromancer to the roster was a must, a wizard that deals with the forces of (un)death is a classic villain archetype. And to go with this theme his appearance is cadaveric and rigid, with lines straight out of a coffin.

As fans of heavy metal we also thought it would be funny to have a necromancer that likes death metal, and what started as kind of a joke served to flesh out more his personality and spells.

For the colors, we went with dark colors for his clothes to relate it with the dark arts mastered by him. To contrast with those dark colors, we used light tones for his skin and hair. Aside from the contrast, it also worked well by reinforcing the cadaveric appearance. For his spells, we choose a spectral green to act as a highlight from his sober color scheme. Stay tuned for the next week spotlight!

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