Nyanko is an young and powerful wizard with the affinity to summon and control all sorts of creatures from the most different places and dimensions. She loves them all equally and if they don’t love her back, she just force them to!

We wanted to add to the game an homage to JRPGs and anime, so we thought that a Magical Girl kind of character would be a very interesting and funny idea to implement. It would be a different style of character from the others so far, but that still fits very consistently on the roster.

For the theme and also to diversify from the other characters, we opted to make a small, cute and youthful character. Aside from those characteristics, we still wanted for her to be as evil as all the other ones, and we hope we could pass these feeling on the spell cards where she is featured.

We used traditional Japanese clothing as reference to design her dress and accessories. Her main color is pink to exalt her cuteness and to give a false sense of harmlessness on her character, as we described before. We think this duality works really well with the comic mood of the game. Stay tuned for more news about the game!

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