Master of Atrocities

Nyanko summons an unspeakable horror from a dark and twisted dimension to aid on her quest to defeat her enemies!

“I have heard tales of unspeakable horrors, dreadful creatures and gruesome beings. I tried to convince myself that those were just myths of a disturbed mind… But luckily it was not! Check out my new pet!”

For this spell, we wanted to show how evil, although se doesn’t seems to be, Nyanko is. Of course she loves her cute and fluffy summons, but she can also see beauty in power and destruction, so those interdimensional horrors are not less desired by her.

We choose to make this perspective to make Nyanko seems bigger and powerful than se really is and, at the same time, to show how large and threatening the unknown creature is. The creature itself it’s just a dark and sinister silhouette, so this way we can set an ominous and dark mood atmosphere for the drawing. The use of deep shadows and red lights also helps to denote danger and creepiness for the composition.

Hot Potato!

Helliana chains her opponents’ spell into a giant, flaming hot, magic potato that gets bigger and more dangerous each time it is rechained!

“Her heart is coal, her blood is lava, her potato is on fire! Watch out not to burn your tongue!”

Hot Potato is (at least was, in a distant past where we were young) a very popular children game, so we thought it would be funny to make a joke with it and use it in the Chain mechanic. And no one better to show it than Helliana, the Pyromancer! For this spell, we wanted to give the same feeling of imminent risk of the game which it was based, that gets dangerous each time the Potato is passed ahead. So, we made the chain to build up the spell damage each time it is chained. Watch out for the damage quantity when the potato explodes in your hands!

We wanted to highlight the oranges and reds on the drawing, so we made the chain event at the sunset. The spell being chained is blue, so it can contrast with the spell being fired by Helliana.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them.
Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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