Curse of the Leaked Flask

Evilra notices one of her potion ingredients has it’s flask cracked, dripping green goo all over the shelf and she’s not happy about it…

“- Oh great… now I’m out of behemonster’s phlegm! How will I make my Acid Rain Potion, my Moisturizing Foot Cream and my Dairy-free Smoothie now?”

Curses are spells that apply penalties for it’s targets on each of their turn. The idea for this one was to make a curse with a MP reduction penalty, so we thought that a reasonable link with this resource loss would be a leaking flask. After those decisions, we choose Evilra to be featured on the card illustration, for she is a witch, and potions are one of her specialties.

Evilra has a great apothecarium, with hundreds of thousands of strange and suspicious ingredients for her potions, and that’s what we wanted to show in the card! We used dark colors to make a spooky ambiance and, at the same time, to contrast with all the colorful and odd concoctions.

Legendary Maple Dew

Grurrr struggles to reach a drop of an exquisite, super rare and quite delicious dew that it said to heal any wounds and even remove curses!

“And here we can observe a fearsome specimen of Magus druidicus climbing a giant maple tree to reach it’s unsuspecting prey.”

We choose Grurrr to be featured on this card because, as a nature lover, Grurrr likes to explore everything wild, and we thought that when he knew about this legendary dew, he would soon go on a quest to find, to understand it’s magical proprieties and to taste it!

On the card, we show an exhausted Grurrr almost at the end of his quest: a few centimeters below the Legendary Maple Dew! The card highlight is this magic fluid, with it’s golden glow on the first layer of the card. We know the maple syrup it’s nothing like this, but we thought would be funny to make a rare substance based on a real life (and delicious!) food. We choose a green grassy background to contrast with the red maple foliage from the middle layer.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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