Xarg’s powerful and magical voice reaches mystical pitches, resonating across the land with enough potency to remove skin from the bones, awake dormant souls and even break glass!

“There’s no use to run to the hills
No use to run for your lives
The sound will chase you at the speed of light!
This next song is like a dance of death,
You’ll headbang till your flesh melt off your skull!

Scream for me Cursed Kingdom of the Frost Throne!”

Today in Brazil is celebrated the “World Rock’n Roll Day”, although we have no idea why it’s called “World” either… but we thought it would be interesting to share with you all another card! The Impressive Magical Singing!

Buffs are spells that apply bonus for it’s caster, one of those being Influence gain. We wanted to feature Xarg on a card with this effect and we toke advantage of his love for heavy metal to make him spread his domains by doing an epic concert!

Xarg is on top of a mountain shouting a metal scream, awakening ancient souls and causing all forms of misfortunes at the location. We gave the illustration an orange filter to apply a chaotic and doomed atmosphere, as it also contrasts with the green tones from the pillars of souls on the second layer.

We hope that you like this special Spell Spotlight! Stay tuned for the next ones!

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