And Take That Too!

Evilra chains a rival’s wizard spell into a skull of dark and vile magic! But to correspond to her vengeful personality and as she doesn’t take insults lightly, she also sends a “special gift” along with the chained spell!

“Do unto others what they tried to do unto you? That’s too cute! I always do much worse!”

The concept for this Chain Spell was to create a way to transfer Curses along with a Chained Spell and who’s better than Evilra, the vengeful Master of Curses herself to be featured in it? With one hand, Evilra Chains the Spell and with the other, she sends a curse to the unfortunate target wizard.

The illustration is set on a dark night, with a strange moon on the background. We chose to represent the chained curse as a magical skull, as a symbol of evil and danger. The purple magic rays contrast with the yellow lights from the moon and the skulls to distinguish each of those elements.

Magical Crushing

Fumbledolphus uses one of his powerful and magniloquent magic books to attack an enemy in a unusual way. Some say that books are the building blocks of knowledge, but this also hits like one!

“You don’t understand my book? Perhaps your thick skull will learn better with this unorthodox method!”

Magical Crushing is a Damage Spell with a secondary effect of Spell Card discard, so we opt to feature Fumbledolphus in the art. As an erudite, intellectual scholar, he has a vast collection of magic books which are very treasured by him, with a large portion of those written by himself! So, considering all these information, he is the character who fits better with the concept of general Spell Card manipulation.

Basically this spell shows a book strike that is so fierce that makes wizards forget spells! This card shows a more aggressive side of Fumbledolphus, with an angry expression and using a book as a weapon instead of his powerful magic. We wanted to combine this raging emotion with a dark ambiance, so we set the action on a dark, mysterious dungeon. We also show a little bit of the secrets under Fumbledolphus’ cloak…

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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