Curse of the Delayed Perception.

Grurrr was lost in what seemed to be a thought. He blinked and day had become night, he had twigs on his shoulders and even then, he couldn’t get to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Lost in thoughts, Grurrr tried to remember what was it that he was trying to remember…”

Usually, to react to magic attacks, Wizards must think quickly, have great concentration and an extreme amount of focus. What if a simple Curse could just nullify all those efforts completely? That’s the basic concept of the Curse of the Delayed Perception, a Curse that delays the wizard’s reactions to cast Chain Spells by reducing their cognitive process, otherwise how do you think any animal would get near Grurrr safely?

The art shows Grurrr in a forest, affected by the curse. Taking advantage of that, some butterflies and birds seek shelter on the massive wizard stuck in this lethargic state. We used some basic green colors for the forest and a purple pinkish tone for the Curse aura around Grurrr’s head, so it would contrast well with the background.

Reckless Hailing of Fire.

Helliana announces her arrival and, just for fun, discharge all her emotions in the form of a hail storm of fire! This impulsive act took place in the middle of a town, which gave the villagers an unsolicited warm feeling…

“… and now for the grand finale, this will be the greatest fireworks you’ll ever see!”

Although wizards are powerful and may cause admiration on some, most of the time they only let people terrified and/or angry when they choose to show off their power indiscriminately. We wanted to add a card that depicted this kind of situation and we made the Reckless Hailing of Fire, a card that can hurt all wizards not only physically, but also where it matters most: their power of influence! Certainly you would be mad too if a crazy power-lust magic wielder started to shoot firebolts in the middle of your street!

For the art, we wanted to give it a chaotic and dangerous ambiance, so we chose orange, red and dark tones to demonstrate those feelings. Helliana would be perfect to be featured on this card, so we put her on the center of the illustration, casting her powerful fire spells. To demonstrate not only the effects on the village’s buildings, we also choose to show how some unfortunate villagers would suffer from the wizard’s imprudence.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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