Unstopable Research.

Burrowed in one of his libraries, Fumbledolphus tirelessly delves through tomes and scrolls in search answer a question that’s stuck in his mind for quite a while now. Will he be able to solve this query? Only time will tell…

“Four parts rainbow-berry milk, yes… two parts dragon’s talon clippings, yes, yes! But what is next? What is the final ingredient for this phenomenal moisturizing foot cream???”

For this Buff Spell, we wanted to demonstrate a Wizard searching compulsively for more spells to cast, so we featured Fumbledolphus on the art, as he is the Scholar, the one with the larger collection of written knowledge of all Wizards. He magically searches for some specific information amid his vast organized mess collection of books, tomes and scrolls.

About the art, we wanted to give it a dark ambiance, but not a sinister one, so we used some orange light effects to brighten the library a little bit and contrast with Fumbledolphus’ blue spell’s light. We also wanted to demonstrate part of his vast collection, so to give the impression of endless books, we put stacks of it in all layers, surrounding the Wizard.

Curse of the Pantanous Mouth.

Xarg is afflicted with a curse that makes his breath smell like a bog and loses popularity among villagers of a small town. Even as a necromancer, he didn’t expected his mouth to to exhale such fetid and foul odor…

“The Necromancer’s arrival was noticed from miles away… the stench of death and the rancid odor of his undead army gave the villagers some time to hide from the inevitable attack. For their surprise, he was alone…”

The initial concept for this Spell, was a Curse that would remove Influence Points from their target every turn. We thought about something that would push people away in a comic way, so we went with the Curse of the Pantanous Mouth! Xarg was the one chosen to be featured in this card because this Curse would make his singer hobby a little bit harder…

Xarg is on the first layer, throwing up a mist of fetid smell that affects another two characters in the composition. A surprised lady is startled by this unreasonable odor and try to move away from the powerful but embarrassed Wizard. On the last layer, a nauseated poor man leans over a well, trying to maintain the contents of his stomach while breathing this toxic stench.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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