A massive kraken was summoned by an out of their mind wizard upon a peaceful small town. As the creature rose from the seas, the peace was gone, and as it sunk to the depths, the peace came back, but now the town was gone…

“One does not simply release a Kraken, for such ruinous creature cannot be contained in the first place.”

The initial concept for this Spell was a Siege card that would have a primary effect of remove the control of a Wizard over a Land and a secondary effect of remove Spells from the target’s hand. After some thought, we decided to make a Kraken emerging and terrifying a town and, at the same time, “washing out” the Spells from the hands of the Land’s owner, and so Krakensaster was created!

The art shows a beautiful afternoon sunset about to be ruined by a disaster. At the same layer of this fine view, a ferocious Kraken emerges from the oceans! In the second layer, a giant wave goes furiously towards a small town in the first layer. We made all the scene at the sunset, so the orange of the sky would contrast with the blue waters from the sea and the green skin from the Kraken.

Acid Rain Potion.

Evilra opens up a bottle of Acid Rain Potion, a toxic magic phenomenon that can cause all sorts of misfortunes, even to the one using it! The noxious greenish yellowish mist rises from the flask up to the clouds, preparing a caustic storm to soon fall upon unsuspecting victims.

“Handle with care? Who do you think I am?”

For this Damage Spell, we wanted to make a card with a lot of different chances of effects, with even a small chance of backfiring against the caster. Following this concept, we thought about a phenomenon that could cause loss to everything in front of it, so the acid rain idea appeared.

About the art, we wanted to give it a dark ambiance, with a viciously smiling Evilra waiting for the unpredictable effects of her newly opened potion. We chose a greenish yellowish color for the potion, so it would give the impression of a toxic, noxious and dangerous substance. At the background, we made some storm clouds forming up, as a presage of an impending doom.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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