Astral Elven Meditation!

Helliana tries to concentrate using an old and traditional elvish meditation. This astral contemplation allows her to expand her magic capabilities, so she can relax by burning even more stuff after this arduous and boring trial of meditation.

“As Helliana struggled to meditate, spirals of cosmic magic emerged around her, showing visions of what she would accomplish with a higher mana reservoir. The elves saw it too and soon fled in terror while she was still stuck on her epiphany.”

For this card, we wanted a way to give the caster more Mana Points to cast even more spells. We tested some options and concluded that a boost for the next turn would be more balanced, and based on that we had the idea to make it as a meditation, a delayed bonus for the caster. On this case, we decided to choose Helliana as the featured wizard. Sure, she is the total opposite of someone you’d expect to see meditating, because of her fiery and impetuous personality, but, for this exactly reason, she was the best option!

At the first layer of the art, we see a perplexed Helliana, with wide open eyes in a trance state. Behind her, two elves concentrating and mentoring her in the meditation. On the background, we used an optical illusion to simulate spirals, colored with green and pink to give a psychedelic sensation to Helliana’s state of mind.

Really Epic Magi-Punch!

Before entering the tenebrous forest, the adventurous but cautious wizard protected himself with a magical ward, preventing any harmful spell that might come his way. Unfortunately for him, Grurrr was around and he didn’t even need magic to defeat him.

“Who’s saying these are not magic? Who’s saying these are just regular punches? Bring your face over here and I’ll show you how them can morph you into plant nourishment!”

This card was made because it would be funny to have a wizard simply forgoing magic and using a plain physical attack instead, a punch so powerful that even the attacker may get hurt or, in a better situation, deals even more damage if the target still healthier than the attacker. Grurrr was perfect to be the one featured in this illustration, since he’s the one that praises strength in any form.

The art shows Grurrr at the first layer, mid air, after punching another wizard with all his might. Still on this layer, a tooth flying from the mouth of the poor victim. At the second layer, the attacked wizard flies back, dizzy and wounded by the powerful strike. In background layer, the set of the action, a dense and dark forest, one of Grurrr’s domains.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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