Magic Sneeze!

A hero aspiring wizard breaks through one of Xarg’s lairs. After a giant epic monologue, full of threats and bravado, he cast a spell at the now bored necromancer. Unfortunately, Xarg was too strong, so he only felt some tickles on his nose, causing him to sneeze a ball of radioactive magical mucus that hit back his foe, dissolving him completely from existence.


For this Chains Spell, we wanted a way to redirect a Damage Spell to someone with more HP, and we thought that a funny way to this happen was to someone to chain the initial spell into a virulent sneeze, affecting and damaging even a healthier wizard. And speaking of diseases, Xarg was the one most appropriate to be featured on this card.

We wanted to demonstrate a hazardous ambiance at the art, so we set the action of the card at a toxic and acid sewer, with the green tones of the noxious liquid complementing the magic booger flying from Xarg.


Even if you think it’s true, you should never call Nyanko a chibi, pint-sized or ankle-biter, especially in front of her! This brave, but not very smart, wizard underestimated Nyanko and made fun of her size. After a quick and effective spell, the tables turned and now she is the one laughing at the small and harmless axolotl right where the mocking wizard was a few seconds ago.

“What’s the fun of being a wizard if you can’t mess with people’s heads? Or members? Or even the whole body?”

The initial idea of this card was to make a spell that could morph a mighty and dangerous wizard into a harmless creature, and from a list of several small and cute creature, we chose the axolotl! We thought a Influence penalty would fit perfectly in that situation, since the now morphed wizard can’t cast spells and, therefore, can’t threat anyone anymore.

The art shows Nyanko at the second layer, laughing at her spell’s victim, a wizards morphed into a axolotl, in the first layer. All this action is set in plains grasslands, beneath a beautiful yellowish sky.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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