Chained Lightning.

Grurrr uses his primal strength to impressively chain a Spell in the form of a magical lightning. Mentally, it involves a great deal of concentration: the user must be enraged at all times during the process, so the lightning passes through them and magically feeds of this emotion to cause even more damage. Any thoughts beyond rage can weaken the mind, causing an undesirable shocking experience to the caster themself!

“A lightning never strikes twice? I’ll make it strike you as many times as necessary! “

For this Chains Spell, we wanted a way to redirect a Damage Spell and add more damage to the new target. Since it would be an forced addition of power, we thought Grurrr would be a good fit for the art. We liked the idea of the Druid chaining the spell in a nature focused way, so we chose a lightning, a powerful natural occurrence.

For the art, we chose a dark purple color for the sky at the background and a dark blue for the clouds, so it would create a good contrast with the lighter blue from the lightning.

Curse of the Torn Grimoire.

Fumbledolphus was in one of his massive libraries when suddenly he is afflicted by an unscrupulous curse that makes any precious books and tomes he touches to come unbound and the pages to be torn to pieces, causing a massive loss of knowledge!

“No, I don’t want to spread any information! Especially not like this!”

The idea for this Curse was to decrease the amount of Spells in the hand of the affected wizard. To represent this concept, we chose to show tomes and books torn, to reflect this notion of Spells being ripped and lost. Of course, Fumbledolphus was the optimal wizard to be featured in the art, since he’s the Scholar, a wizard with lots and lots of written knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, the art shows a desperate Fumbledolphus at the mid layer, distressed with the destruction of his tomes. At the first layer, books are being torn by ethereal cursed lights, making the pages rip and flow away. At the background, shelves full of tomes, that soon may be the next victims of this perverse spell.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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