Thought Theft.

Deep within the Haunted Crypt of Souls, Xarg messes with the mind of a lost wizard that was wandering the dungeons looking for magic treasures. As Xarg maliciously steals some of her thoughts, she stares blankly at the eerie crypt lights, whilst deep secrets and information leaks through her ear.

“Do you think you can have the secrets from the Crypt of Souls just for yourself? Well, let me change your mind!”

We wanted to create a Damage Spell that had the chance to steal Spell Cards from other players. We thought it would make sense if we represented this concept with an illustration of a wizard stealing thoughts of another one, so we worked on this idea. We also wanted to place this action on a eerie and creepy location, and talking about creepy, none better than Xarg to be featured on this card!

We used bluish tones to give the eerie ambiance we said earlier. We opted to put the poor wizard victim and Xarg’s hand on the first layer, while Xarg himself is at the middle layer, this decision helped to increase the impression of depth between to two characters. She is using a red robe and hat to contrast with all the blue from the other layers and so that contrast helps to focus the action on the illustration.

Overwhelming Fury of the Behemonster.

Calamity is done! A behemonster arrived in the city, and now it sits in the middle of the wreck it caused. The destructiveness of this giant beast is unthinkable and it will take years for the survivors to rebuild their lives. Of course they could get some magical help from the wizards, but they are busy enough summoning those dangerous beasts upon each other anyway!

“Why would I stop running now?! Yes, yes, the monster is tired and it’s sit in the town square, but I don’t want to be here when its MOTHER arrives to pick it up!”

This Siege Spell was supposed to represent the devastation of a Land Card and we thought to use a famous creature to do this work, but with a funny twist, so we thought about a “behemonster”! Although the destruction is real, it is not the intention of this silly beast to cause harm. It’s just a giant creature with the mentality similar to of a playful dog. Of course, this one is just a puppy, but an adult one it’s pure anger, rage and usually pretty hungry!

For the art, we wanted to show different scales of destruction: on the background layer, we can see the city destruction and the smoke slowly rising, but on the first layer, the city still burns while the behemonster is sit in the middle layer, with its tongue out, its tail waving and a silly look on its face. We wanted to make a goofy, naive and somewhat cute monster. We hope we achieved this with this “little” fellow!

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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