Cryogenistic Fire.

It’s obvious that any pyromancer worth the title is capable of conjuring fires, flames, fire-flames, and even burning flaming fires, but only the most powerful in the art are capable of manifesting the legendary cold flame, the Cryogenistic Fire!

“What do you mean it’s not a pyromancer’s spell? The ice burns doesn’t it? IF IT BURNS, IT’S DOING EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!”

We wanted a Damage Spell that, besides dealing damage, would also remove MP from the target. A magic spell that would freeze a wizard would work to represent this loss of MP, since the frozen spellcaster would have some trouble casting spells. For this one, we chose Helliana, a funny concept-opposite wizard to be featured on the card, and Cryogenistic Fire was created!

The action is set at a snowfield with a volcano at the background, a good mix of ice and fire to stage this powerful spell! Helliana is at the middle layer, flinging a ray of icy fire at the direction of an unfortunate wizard, already caught (and pretty desperate) in a frozen flame in the front layer.

I Can do Better.

Evilra sees herself as a target of a, according to her, feeble and inferior spell. Certainly she will chain the spell to some other unfortunate wizard, but with a lot more of power, so she can show what a REAL spell is.

“Let me borrow your pathetic spell and fling it back to you with a tad more push. It is only a shame you won’t be around anymore to thank me for showing you how powerful it could be!”

Sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to chain Damage Spells to another player, for instance, the effect being low and not impacting too much the resources in the moment. We thought about those situations and that it would be funny for a player to have the chance to try to make a Damage Spell more powerful after it was played, so we put this effect on this Chain Spell! With I Can do Better, a player can chain a Damage Spell and, if they choose, re-roll the dice result to try to make the spell even stronger!

We chose to feature Evilra in the illustration, at the middle layer, parrying what seems to be a weak spell with one of her hands and, with the other, flinging it away, but in the form of a gigantic and powerful magical wave! We put this magic attack at the front layer, so it would give a cool effect when a player moves the card. At the background, a creep bog bellow a cloud and gray sky.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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