Carrion Onslaught.

Xarg reviews his undead army records and concludes that he has a deficit in skeletons. He knows precisely how to remedy this situation. Naturally, the zombie vultures will help him with his “recruitment”, but also will cause some havoc and chaos on their arrival!

“Carrion, it’s time to digest the remains of the past!”
Xarg’s chant to summon zombie vultures.

The initial concept for this Spell was a Siege card that would have the chance to steal de ownership of a Land Card. We had an idea of something related to carrion early on. At first an army of zombies invading a city, then a wake of nasty vultures, and finally we connected some dots and settled on an army of zombie vultures!

The action is set at said town, with a yellowish brownish background, to give a impression of dust, dirt and decadence. At the second plane, a bottom-up view of some of the town’s buildings, with some of the undead bird army closer to the city. At the first layer, a screeching zombie vulture about to start its attack!

Unicorn Spit.

Nyanko happily holds a flask full of unicorn spit, a rare and quite dificult to get magical ingredient. It is said that it can heal wounds, cure diseases and, unlike some bitter and unpleasant herbs healing potions, tastes like strawberry jam!

“Unicorns choose only the most virtuous, noble and pure hearted creatures to have the privilege to be around them. That’s why it’s so hard for me to hold them in place and extract their spit!”

For the main healing Buff Spell, we wanted to link the fact that the Land Card, The Secret Forest of Unicorns, heals the wizard who controls it, so we decided to assign this curative magical characteristic to unicorn saliva, imbuing it with mystic healing properties.

For sure Nyanko was the one to be featured in this card! She’s at the second layer, holding and contemplating a shining flask of spit (this one at the first layer) with bright wide open eyes. At the background, a beautiful forest at dawn.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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