Alpha Confrontation.

While questing into a volcanic region, Grurrr finds a fellow wizard and holds him by his neck, in an unnecessary and vulgar display of power and mighty! Grurrr does have this unpleasant habit to show others how strong and manly he is, which can be seen as a sort of insecurity by some (don’t tell him I said that!).

“I was just taking a shortcut! I-it was not my intention to challenge you! I’ll ta-take the long ACCHHH!”

This Damage Spell was thought to be one to target another wizard that seems more powerful at the moment, so we made it target the one with most HP. Based on that feature, we decided to name it Alpha Confrontation, and with this name, Grurrr was the one more suitable to appear in the art. Also, after thinking about the effect, we put a chance to give some influence to the caster, since they damaged the strongest spellcaster with it.

The art shows Grurrr holding a wizard by the neck. We put the victim and Grurrr’s hand at the first layer, so it would add a cool depth effect with Grurrr at the second layer. The background consists in a volcanic region, with its bright lava flowing in a river below all the main action.

Take Your Spell Back.

In a unknown and mysterious technomagic lab, Fumbledolphus casually shields himself to send back a spell to a caster. In this chaotic battle, a wizard must take heed to not have their own spells backfired!

“I’m sorry, I have no use for that now… You can take it back hehe!”

Many Chain Spells change the target of a Damage Spell to a random wizard. In this case, we wanted to make a twist with a Chain Spell that could send a Damage Spell right back to its caster, and so Take Your Spell Back was created!

Fumbledolphus was the wizard chosen to be featured in the art, since he is one of the most strategists of the cast. At the first layer, we put the chained spell and the shield reflecting it. Fumbledolphus is at the second layer, with a mocking smile, happy that someone got caught in his trap. In the background, a technomagic laboratory, a concept we want to explore in the game in a near future.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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