Kingdom of the Uninformed Dead.

Ahhhh It’s Halloween Tonight!
There’s mana in the air.
And the veil between the worlds is especially thin, allowing the dead to walk among the living…

And in this spirit we decided to spook you with art from one of the Land Cards featured in Master of the Wizards, The Kingdom of the Uninformed Dead!

“Travelers tell of a strange land that had been cursed by a powerful wizard because of a bet he had made with a philosopher about the meaning of life and death. The wizard lost the bet and, furious, simply struck the philosopher with magical lightning and teleported away, forgetting to break the curse he had cast. Ever since then the inhabitants have been carrying out their non-lives as if nothing had happened, blissfully ignorant of their terrible fate…”

A player who has the most curses attached to them will have control over this land but, at the same time, they would not be affected by the curses effects, for their ignorance would not let them be aware of those harmful consequences, reproducing the same state of the citizens of this damned town.

We wanted to represent the citizens as happy individuals, proceeding with their “lives” as normal as possible, unaware of their condition. Over bushes and an old tombstone on the first layer, a mist wraps over the kingdom, while the ghost citizens move on with their daily tasks at the city square. On the background, obelisks and mausoleums fills the horizon under a pale full moon sky.

We hope that you like the land art and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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