Invasion of the Invader Vines.

Protected by tall wall on every direction atop a highly defensive position, this town thought it was safe from outside threats. They didn’t count on catching the attention of a wizard though.

“Nice little village you’ve got there, it would be a shame seeing it all crumble down…”

It’s always pretty convenient to attack a wizard by attacking one of the Lands they control, but while the Traditional Giant Fireball can come in handy for this, it can be a bit too destructive for your current plans, so we made this spell to deal damage with a chance of stealing the Land for yourself instead!

For this spell we chose an attack with overgrown vines to show a literal stranglehold while attempting to take over a fortified town. The first layer shows a guard wrapped up and suspended in the air, defenseless. In the second layer, the stone wall with some more vines, and finally far back the rest of the town being overrun under the peaceful haze of the morning sky.

Intimidate the Minstrel.

Wizards tend to be pretty self-conscious when it comes to their public image. They want to be known and feared because that makes their life easier in achieving their objectives, but it’s usually more than that. So when a wizard hears of minstrels singing praises about their rivals, they feel inclined to convince the minstrels to sing about something else.

“Pay no attention to the big skeleton with the big sword, I just want to have a friendly conversation about your next hit song…”

We needed another Damage Spell that could be used to hinder a Wizard that was getting too far ahead in Influence, and what better way for that than making bards and minstrels soil their reputation? Xarg was chosen to be featured in this one, since a creepy necromancer escorted by a creepy skeleton knight would have a pretty intimidating presence.

The first layer shows the menacing undead minion at the center, with a minstrel sweating profusely in fear. Right back at the second layer Xarg stands in a passageway looking satisfied. Only the spectral glow of the skeleton illuminates these layers, as Xarg put out all other lights in the room. In the back layer, the rest of the tavern appears, illuminated by the warm glow of a hearth.

We hope that you like the spells arts and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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