Town of the Most Notorious Tavern.

“Once a small ruined church, bought by a retired adventurer, this tavern acquired fame throughout the realms with the booze produced in it’s catacombs. The patrons agree that the change in ownership was an excellent deal, but the neighborhood might disagree… PS: Don’t forget to bring your weapons and equipment with you if you go to the restroom!”

As the place with the most illustrious tavern, it was obvious for us that this land should have its mechanics linked with Influence Points. To represent this aspect, this land gives a bonus of 2 Influence Points per turn and a wizard that receives 2 or more Influence Points using a spell will automatically conquer it, for their name shall be spoken and their feats shall be sung by all the bards and minstrels of this lovely place… until another wizard conquers it!

In a night with a bright moon, a party of adventurers take notice of a festive and agitated tavern! This group is at the first layer, and the dwarf warrior is the one that looks most excited (maybe her favorite band of bards is at the place this night). At the second layer, the tavern itself, with its bright and warm lights passing through the windows. In the background, a tranquil city under a starry blue sky.

We hope that you like the Land art and the reasoning behind them to be this way. Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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