Village of the Noobie Magical Wizards.

“Wizards, powerful as they are, are generally respected, feared and loathed by the populace, but thankfully they usually live isolated in their towers. But what to do if you are just starting on your journey of power and isn’t capable of defending yourself from the raging mob after you “accidentally” blow up a house? Safety in numbers is the answer, and so this village of novice wizards has been established, where they live until feeling confident enough to carve their own domain.”

One of the main mechanics of the game is to check the effects of some spells with the roll of a die and we wanted a land that would be automatically conquered at a roll of 6, which usually is the best outcome. With this concept in mind, we thought about a village full of beginner wizards, that would be astonished by the effect of a great spell and, for that reason, would plead allegiance for this new “supreme master”!

A rookie wizard forcefully concentrates on a spell, in front of the window of his own tower. As he tries to generate an energy ball, smoke rises from the chimney, possibly from the brew of one of his potions. Several other humble towers fill the horizon, each one belonging to a aspiring wizard, hoping that, in the future, they also can fight to be the Master of the Wizards.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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