Secret Forest of Unicorns.

“If you dare to search in the deepest reaches of the most untouched forests at the farthest valleys for the elusive and reclusive unicorns, you’ll just end up losing a lot of time. What you must do in order to find them is first finding a purehearted person (easier said than done…) and use them as bait to attract the unicorns. The tricky part is doing that without instilling fear in the bait, nor using mind control magic, as the unicorns can easily pick that up.”

Since we have the Buff Card Unicorn Spit, we wanted to keep the same concept on this land, so it heals it’s owner each turn. Possibly the wizard controlling it could easily collect some unicorn saliva every time they visit this majestic place! Also, whenever a wizard devastates a land, they usually receive some Influence Points, for their power is acknowledged throughout the realms, but not in this case! Unicorns are very lovable and dear creatures for everyone, and a wizard who destroys them is not well regarded and, even if feared, loses Influence Points! Don’t mess with those wondrous creatures!

Through a dense vegetation and colorful flowers on the first layer, it’s possible to enter the Secret Forest of Unicorns! On the second layer, one of those majestic creatures grazes undisturbedly, but always watchful. At the background, the forest keeps filling the landscape, right in front of a pink sunset haze.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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