Glade of the Troublemakering Goblins.

“The mischievous goblins never seen to work, only to party! Although their definition of party is not quite fun for other non-goblin people that get caught up in it. If you ever find yourself walking through the woods and you hear of their egregious merriment, immediately turn around and go the other way, for your own good. And don’t listen to the no gooders that say this is just anti-goblin propaganda!”

We wanted to have a Land that rewards a wizard for finishing a big messy chaotic and fun chain. And when we think of messy chaos the first fantasy creature that comes to mind are goblins. So the concept was ready: a party of trouble-making goblins who get impressed when a wizard causes big trouble too, by finishing the longest chain in the game so far.

In the first layer we see a nice fellow displaying a playful and welcoming grin, a sign of friendliness towards the observer. Behind him, the other goblins frolic around and amuse themselves in all manner of mischief, often with dubious safety standards. In the background lies the thick forest where the goblins hide from unwelcome guests.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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