Land Spotlight: Forest of the Elvish Bath.

“Although they’ve been living secluded in their secret forest villages for ages, recently the elves have been more welcoming of tourists, using these opportunities to offer them a small glimpse of superior elven culture. Not that the elves expect them to be able to grasp it, of course. One such attraction is their traditional bath houses, built in places where the natural flow of mana can be channeled to create a pleasurable warm steam. Naturally the best such spots are still hidden and available for elves only.”

Elves are known as a people naturally attuned to the mystic forces of the world. That is reflected in the spell card Astral Elven Meditation, and when thinking of a land to have a higher mana bonus, we decided to also use elves as the theme, and that’s how we created the Forest of the Elvish Bath, a magical place to relax and replenish your powers!

At the background, a spruce forest under the northern lights surrounds a small hot spring aside a cottage used as a sauna. In the spring waters, a group of fabulous and indubitably good-looking elves bathe and energize themselves with the flow of mana infused waters heated by the volcanic fire from the depths.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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