Keep of the Undefeated Giant Pigeon Knights.

“For generations, this mighty fortress has stood atop the cliffs by the sea, a testament to the legacy of this order of knights that have defended their realm from every threat, and that was never once defeated in battle. The noble knights, mounted on their glorious flying steeds, are always prepared to fight any sort of wrong doer, villain, dark lord, rebellious peasant, dragon, etc. They have yet to face a wizard though…”

Many fantasy worlds have noble warriors riding giants birds and we wanted that element in the world of Master of the Wizards, so why not to choose a creature other than eagles or other birds of prey, but as epic as them? So pigeons were the next obvious choice! To demonstrate the valor and resilience of an undefeated knight, the owner of this land can’t have their HP get less than 1. Surely a great advantage… that your rivals will try to take from you as soon as possible! A point of contention among the peasantry is where do new knights come from, as they’re are never seem accompanied by squires, leading some to speculate they might be immortal… But the fact of the matter is that the squabs, as the knight apprentices are called, live a cloistered life of intensive training and hard work inside the keep until they are deemed worthy of flying.

A mighty knight rides his valorous steed, a giant pigeon, at the first layer. In the second one, the keep proudly arises at the border of a cliff, with some other riders scouting its surroundings. Beyond the crag, a vast sea meets a cloudy blue sky.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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