Generic Mines of the Dwarves.

“The surly dwarves never seen to party, only to work! The idea of fun for the common dwarf is to spend all day in dank tunnels digging with their picks searching for shiny rocks. If you ever find yourself walking through the mountains and you hear of their egregious working songs, immediately turn around and go the other way, for your own good. And don’t listen to those killjoys that say this is just anti-dwarf propaganda!”

We wanted a way for the players to have a chance to avoid the destruction of lands, so we thought about a land that could grant this ability, and we’ve came up with the Generic Mine of the Dwarves! With their prowess on stonework and forge, they could protect (at least for a small amount of time) a city or piece of land from a wizard attack (with luck). Also, dwarves love to collect almost any kind of valuable resource, so a wizard can easily pay some amount of MP for them to start to influence their land.

A mine cart goes down a rail at full speed, carrying ores and precious gems, newly excavated minerals from the depths of the mines. At the background, a complex system of rails snarls around the interior of the caves, providing easy access to miners and carts alike to reach each valuable resource available. At the middle layer, the banner showing the entrance of the city, carved out of the cavern’s rock face, a proof of the dwarves excellent dexterity on their work.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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