Tough Northern Barbarian Village.

“Far to the northern regions, where the howling frost winds make even the rocks crack, the rough barbarians shrug it off like it’s nothing. When they are not raiding and pillaging, they like to do feats of strength to show off their incredible might, like lifting long-ships, anvil throwing, getting hit by horse kicks without passing out and wrestling polar bears. Those who survive all such trials are deemed the worthiest warriors of their tribe.”

Virtually at every match, tons of damages are distributed around among the wizards, so we decided to give those poor souls some “advantages” when taking too much damage at once: they would draw attention of the self proclaimed manliest men around the world: the Tough Northern Barbarians. They applaud those who can endure great pain and let be influenced by a powerful wizard that shares this common trait with them.

At the gates of the village, on the first layer, a strong warrior wrestles a polar bear, keeping it in a rear choke hold. Although this scene seems cruel, they are just old sparring partners. At the middle layer, another northern barbarian shows off his strength by proudly lifting an anvil, whilst two other guys fight each other just to prove how is the mightier. At the back layer, it begins the borders of the forest and is possible to see an ship left around, probably dragged by another warrior eager to show a feat of strength.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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