Majestic Kingdom of the Wise Kings.

“It has been said that philosophers might be the most suitable for ruling positions. Curiously, it’s usually philosophers who say that… This kingdom took that advice to heart, and not only does it have a philosopher king, it has lots of them. They spend most of their time discussing among themselves about ethics, meta-physics, and other such nonsense, thus leaving their subjects alone and leading to great prosperity in the kingdom. They are able to recognize great threats though, and will seek alliances with powerful wizards in order to protect their people.”

At a point in some matches, land devastation can be a very common and fun thing to do, so we wanted a land that would interact with other lands being destroyed, and Majestic Kingdom of the Wise Kings was born! This land gives advantage to land devastation and the concept behind it is that, seeing a powerful wizard simply annihilating lands left and right, the wise kings would “befriend” this wizard, believing that this association would free them from this spellcaster wrath.

Through the arched gates of the first layer, a small stairway full of city rulers is displayed at the second layer. Two wise kings play chess and one of them is visibly perplexed, thinking about his next play. Another king is just loafing around while an elvish queen stylishly reads a book. Two other governors debate about a thesis written on a tome and an outraged queen puzzles herself with a unknown artifact. The background layer is possible to look at the outer walls of the city and a calm blue sky.

We hope that you like the land art! Stay tuned for the next week spotlights!

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