Master of the Wizards is a party card game for 4 to 6 players in which you control a respectable wizard who wants to spread their influence and fame throughout all realms, with the objective to achieve the coveted title of Master of the Wizards! But, in order to do that, you’ll have to face dangerous rivals in battles full of chaos and fun!

The Prophecy of the Master of the Wizards

For uncountable millennia, the Natural Way of Things
has been maintained by the Order of Wizards, the most
powerful spellcasters of the world.

The greatest among them receives the esteemed
title of Master of The Wizards.

But the current Master has vanished
suddenly and without a trace, and so the
delicate balance of the universe is at risk.

And that can only mean one thing….


Fumbledolphus, The Scholar

Party like a Wizard!

Choose your Wizard!

Fumbledolphus, The Scholar

Holder of an IQ of 382, he is the most knowledgeable Wizard of all (by his own account), writer of thousands of tomes on magic theory, and founder of the great Academy of Arcane Arts. He keeps lots of secrets under his beard and robe.

“We all know I’m the best wizard, this contest is but a mere formality…”

Helliana, The Pyromancer

A very powerful, passionate and warm-blooded magic user, she can cast an infinity of miscellaneous spells like fireballs, firebolts, firestorms, walls of fire and a thousand more. Her repertoire is quite enviable.

“I like my enemies like a like my food: crispy! Now BURN!”

Grurrr, The Druid

As a nature lover, he roams the wilds in search of powerful foes to test his might, for since his childhood he thinks humans are puny opponents. Once a badger bit his head on a confrontation. He wears it to this day to prove his incredible resistance.

“The law of nature is the law of struggle! Only the might shall survive!”

Evilra, The Witch

An ancient (don’t say it to her face!) master of curses and dark arts, she uses her wit and cunning on her path to greater power. In her arsenal of potions and obscure resources, she can always find a way to achieve what she wants, whatever it takes… usually for others.

“When you find yourself at the brink of despair, I’ll be the helping hand to give you the final push!”

Xarg, The Necromancer

Using his death magic to raise zombies, skeletons and ghouls, he intend to conquer the realms with his army of tireless and relentless soldiers. Many a peasant who dared voice their opinion against his music later became an undying fan.

“Dealing with the living is way too complicated, but I like things simple… I command the dead, and the dead obey me.”

Nyanko, The Summoner

Bonded with cute magical creatures, friendly and kind elementals and unspeakable horrors of dark dimensions, she uses all her summons to fight by her side, whether they like it or not. Don’t be fooled by her apparent sweetness, for her cruelty is inversely proportional to her size.

“I love all of my cute little creatures, and they love me as well, because I tell them to love ME!”

Challenge your Friends!

Cast powerful Spells!

Conquer Strange Lands!

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