Spells Spotlight: Thought Theft & Overwhelming Fury of the Behemonster!

Calamity is done! A behemonster arrived in the city, and now it sits in the middle of the wreck it caused. The destructiveness of this giant beast is unthinkable and it will take years for the suvivors to rebuild their lifes. Of course they could get some magical help from the wizards, but they are busy enough summoning those dangerous beasts upon each other anyway!

Spells Spotlight: Magic Sneeze & Ridiculimorphy!

Even if you think it's true, you should never call Nyanko a chibi, pint-sized or ankle-biter, especially in front of her! This brave, but not very smart, wizard underestimated Nyanko and made fun of her size. After a quick and effective spell, the tables turned and now she is the one laughing at the small and harmless axolotl right where the mocking wizard was a few seconds ago.

Spells Spotlight: Curse of the Pantanous Mouth & Unstopable Research!

Xarg is afflicted with a curse that makes his breath smell like a bog and loses popularity among villagers of a small town. Even as a necromancer, he didn't expected his mouth to to exhale such fetid and foul odor… "The Necromancer's arrival was noticed from miles away… the stench of death and the rancid odor of his undead army gave the villagers some time to hide from the inevitable attack. For their surprise, he was alone…"